Quantum Computing: Introduction

Computing that focus' on utilization of collective properties, and development of computer technology based on ‘Quantum Theory.’ Quantum bits (Qubits) are used for quantum computation. For the performance of Quantum computation, Quantum computers are used. These quantum computers perform probability calculations.


“It is the basic unit that allows the coherent superimposition of ones and zeroes.”

Quantum computing dominion

Its dominion lies in the fact that quantum computers give the outperformance of classical counterparts. IBM and Google claim that they will cram unique qubits to build more accurate devices. Quantum computing has introduced such devices that protect the quantum states from nonlinearity.


Google has recently achieved the dominion of quantum computing. IBM is also making a rush about qubits. The topmost applications of quantum computing justify its dominion.

  • The most reliable application of quantum computing is in ‘Computational Chemistry.’ This Application focuses on the simultaneous existence of 1 and 0. It is also implied in some organic mechanisms. For example; the critical problems in fixation of Ammonia (in Haber’s Process), are solved by quantum computation.

  • One more important application of quantum computing is in ‘Cybersecurity Cryptography.’ To combat security threats, various techniques of quantum computing are implied. For example: techniques of quantum computing are implied in ‘Quantum Cryptography.’


Quantum computation has revolutionized the computation by solving the intractability of classical computation. It has solved many algorithmic problems. It has introduced parallel processing to do various calculations at the same time. Its' worth provides staggering promises to have the same supremacy in the future.

Daniel Biocchi